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specific supplements to heal faster from surgery.

Research Indicates Specific Natural Vitamin Supplements and Diet May Help You Heal Faster From Your Surgery, Improve Recovery Time, Speed Wound Healing, Reduce Pain, Swelling and Boost Your Immune System.

There are several natural supplements that research has shown to be effective in helping patients heal  faster from surgery by reducing swelling, pain as well as  recovery time. Many surgical patients report  great success in using  these supplements in assisting with their post operation recovery. 1. The essential surgical preparation guide Recover Quickly From Surgery offers very specific protocols for taking the supplements and outlines an effective diet that work in tandem to reduce pain, swelling and recovery time. Always consult with your surgeon and primary care physician first before taking supplements.

Learn Which Supplements May Help You Heal Faster From Surgery

Recover Quickly From Surgery will cover the multitude of natural supplements and protocols known to reduce surgery recovery time, pain, swelling:

  • The Recover Quickly Anti Inflammatory Diet

  • Specific Homeopathic Supplements that Reduce Pain and Swelling

  • High Potency Enzymes

  • Probiotic Supplements

  • Specific Nutritional Supplements that can assist in Decreasing Recovery Time

  • Natural anti inflammatory, joint and tissue nutritional support

  • Immune Boosters to Prevent Infection

  • Cold Laser Treatments For Specific Body Areas for Post Surgery

       and much more.



The American Society of Anesthesiologists recommends that you not eat solid food or dairy products after midnight before your surgery. More importantly, there are certain foods, such as nightshades, alcohol and specific vitamins that should be avoided one -two weeks before surgery as they can interfere with your body's healing process and cause complications. For more detailed tips on which foods not to consume before surgery, how to prepare to recover faster,  the Recover Quickly diet, tips on pain control, weaning of pain meds, and guidance for your post surgical recovery, 


1. SOURCES: Brown, S. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, July 2004; vol 114; pp 237-244. Rod J. Rohrich, MD, chairman, department of plastic surgery, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas; and president, American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Michael A. Fiorillo, MD, plastic surgeon and director, Rockland Plastic Surgery LLP, New City; and spokesman, American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians (AAPRP). Ferdinand Louis Rios, MD, general surgeon, Novato, Calif.; and spokesman, American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians (AAPRP); and former team physician, U.S. Olympic Boxing Team. per webmd.


This information presented on this website and in the book is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease, illness or injury and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and. Rather, it is provided for educational purposes only. Please be aware that this information is provided to supplement the care provided by your physician. It is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment, nor is it meant to discourage the reader or user from obtaining advice from his or her physician. Any dietary or lifestyle change should be undertaken only occur with the approval and supervision of your physician. If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this book or website, please review and discuss the options herein with your surgeon and primary physician, especially if you have an unusual medical condition or other constraint that might conflict with some or all of the information presented. If you are pregnant, nursing, have cancer or currently are using prescription medications, you should also consult with your physician before making any dietary or lifestyle changes proposed herein.

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