Pain Control After Surgery: How to Manage and Control Pain Naturally



Facing surgery and want to heal faster with less pain? There are many effective natural pain relief methods for managing and treating post surgery pain.

While we understand the need for taking pain medication after surgery, it is important  for you to wean off toxic and addictive pain medication as quickly as possible. There are a multitude of drug free, healthier therapies that relieve pain post surgery. The goal is to get off pain medication as fast as you can while  combining and relying on natural treatments for pain relief. 



According to a 2010 study in the Journal of Patient Safety, the implementation of inpatient integrative therapies, similar to those outlined in the best selling Surgery Recovery Guide, Recover Quickly From Surgery, reduced self-reported pain by more than 50%, without placing patients at increased risk of adverse effects. “We struggle to provide effective pain control while trying to avoid the adverse effects of opioid medications, such as respiratory depression, nausea, constipation, dizziness and falls,” says Gregory Plotnikoff, MD, one of the study’s authors and hospital’s medical directors.


Post  Surgical Pain Management: Key Natural Ways to Reduce Pain Post-Surgery: (partial list from the Guide)

-Cold Laser Therapy
-Tens Unit
-Mind-body therapies to elicit the relaxation response, breathing techniques
-Chiropractic treatments
-The use of specific natural supplements shown to reduce pain and swelling

-Ice Therapy

For a complete guide to post operative pain management, preparing and recovering from surgery naturally, Get Recover Quickly From Surgery.Learn in more detail the many ways in which you can reduce pain naturally and wean off toxic and often addictive pain medication faster by utilizing these therapies.


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Citation: Dusek, Jeffery A. PhD; Finch, Michael PhD†; Plotnikoff, Gregory MD, MTS, FACP‡; Knutson, Lori RN, BSN, HN-BC§; The Impact of Integrative Medicine on Pain Management in a Tertiary Care Hospital; Journal of Patient Safety: March 2010 – Volume 6 – Issue 1 – pp 48-51



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Pain Control After Surgery: How to Manage and Control Pain Naturally

September 26, 2017

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